“The Abundance Zone” has had some great praise so far from top authors and experts in their field:

The Abundance Zone Cover

Get your own copy of The Abundance Zone Here

Praise from Experts on Abundance

“You wanted and deserved abundance. Now read and absorb my friend Steve’s book and utilize its wisdom to make abundance yours permanently!”

Mark Victor Hansen, best selling co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and One Minute Millionaire.

“This jewel will help ignite your passion for life in exchange for just a few moments each day!”

Mike Dooley, author of Notes from the Universe and star of The Secret movie. http://www.tut.com

“A phenomenal example of how a few simple changes in the words that you use on a daily basis, can have such profound changes in your life.”

Bob Proctor, star of The Secret movie, best selling author of Born Rich, and chairman of Life Success Productions.

“The Abundance Zone is a great tool packed with hundreds of powerful and positive affirmations for health, happiness and success. Get it!”
Randy Gage, author of “Prosperity Mind”  and many other books and CD series.


Get your own copy of The Abundance Zone Here

Praise from Coaches and Neuro-Linguistic Experts

“A simple, practical book that everyone can read to improve the quality of their life.”

Paul McKenna, the world’s leading hypnotist and Europe’s most successful personal development author.


“The Abundance Zone will shift your reality, shift your

wealth, and shift your life to true abundance – Read it now!”

Dave Rogers, Keynote Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur Coach & Co-Founder of XL Results Foundation


“Words are storehouses of energy that have a power to open your access to greater potential. Steve Oxlade and Matt Traverso have captured and presented words to you, that when included in your everyday vocabulary, will enliven the expression of your highest destiny.”

Paul R. Scheele, author of PhotoReading and Natural Brilliance, co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation, and international consultant on human development.


“Steve Oxlade and Matt Traverso have produced a phenomenal resource for us all to fill up our minds with the words that the most successful and abundant people on the planet habitually use. What I love about this book is that at any moment in your day you can just open it and allow yourself to be reminded and inspired of certain words which will trigger deep inside of you certain feelings or flashes of awareness that will propel you forward in the direction of your destiny.”

Dave O’Connor, Co-Founder of the Effortless Living Institute, Author, NLP Master Practitioner and leading authority on

personal power and effectiveness


Get your own copy of The Abundance Zone Here

Praise from Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

“The Abundance Zone is an essential addition to any bookshelf, because you will find yourself reaching for it’s wisdom again and again.”

Thomas Power, Author and Founder of ecademy, the UK’s leading Business Network


“A powerful yet simple guide to transforming

your life through the power of words.”

Gerry Robert, Best selling author of The Millionaire Mindset


“It’s long been known by successful people that our quality of life is governed by the quality of questions we ask ourselves. This book takes out the guess work, takes out the hard work and gives you what DOES work! It’s the definitive guide to abundance and I recommend you make it a

welcome addition to your life.”

Peter Sage, International Speaker, Author,

Serial Entrepreneur and Robbins Trainer.


“An amazing piece of work. Read AND use this

book and you will attract greater abundance of time,

money and everything that is important to you.”

Eric Edmeades, International Speaker and Serial Entrepreneur


Get your own copy of The Abundance Zone Here

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